Bean and Quorn Burritos

As the Summer doesn’t really seem to be happening up here at the moment, I thought I’d make these to warm us all up a bit!



2 thoughts on “Bean and Quorn Burritos

  1. Ani D

    I have just started hearing about Quorn, but I do not think it is sold a lot in the specialty stores around here. I want to try it though because my mom and I are always looking for plant-based protein sources, but she has a gluten sensitivity and we both have a sensitivity to soy! No tofu or seitan here, but quorn is made from mushrooms right?

    1. vegetariandad Post author

      Yes, it’s in all the supermarkets here in the uk. It made from Mycoprotein (mushrooms) I prefer it to tofu, and my kids love it too!

      Here’s a link to their site – hopefully they will export!

      Good luck and I hope you enjoy the recipe! Paul


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