The Road to Pulse Cafe – Part 2

Following on from my last post highlighting my hopefully positive journey towards opening a vegetarian cafe in the North of England, I thought that you might be interested in this update.

A lot has happened since my last posting on April, and the exciting news is that after a great deal of searching, I have finally found a property and a location! Although it is still relatively early days and I am hesitant to get too enthusiastic until I have signed the Lease (hopefully a couple of weeks off), I have found somewhere that seems ideal. It is located in New Mills in Derbyshire and there seems to be a really good atmosphere about the town, with positive feedback via Twitter and Facebook about the possibility of opening up a veggie cafe there. The building itself was formerly used for office purposes, but has two floors which means that I will have the flexibility of additional seating and storage space, together with the potential for using rooms for community use, which opens up many exciting possibilities.

I won’t bore you with the logistics facing me at the moment, however in the last two weeks I have appointed a solicitor, accountant, and submitted a full planning change of use application (unfortunately moving from office to restaurant/cafe use is not considered permitted development, so an application is required). The joys of sorting out a business bank account are next (yawn!)

On a more exciting note, I have now moved my friend Adam up from South Wales so that he can help me get everything up and running, and he is currently in my old vacant house (which I need to sell quickly (yipe!)).

The most enjoyable things of the last month have been the purchases. I was given a tip about the Emmaus charity (Check them out –, which does great work in providing opportunities for homeless people. So far I have bought 20 chairs, mostly for £3.00 each!

20130620-134722.jpgA small cross-section of my recent purchases in my cluttered garage!

The biggest expense so far has been my works vehicle. I needed to get a van that I could also do the school run in and managed to find this fantastic ex-Royal Mail van. My children have already donated a cuddly Postman Pat to stick on the dashboard!


I hope that this has provided a bit of an insight into the stages of setting up a new business – with a bit of luck my next posting will be covering colour schemes, internal layout designs and menu decisions – watch this space!



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